We are going to document our efforts, inform our parents and aim to inspire our community to get involved.  Are you ready? We are so ready!!! This is the time! From the website you know What, Who and Why, and I tell you , NOW is the time because the response I get to the “Why” is a  different one these days.

When I talk about our project now, I am not asked :”Well, why ….?” instead the comment I get is: “That’s great!” And it comes from Americans of all language backgrounds and German language speakers alike. Virtually every language represented in this great melting pot has a pre-school except for us.

I get it, we live in America, English is cool, you have to blend in. I totally understand. I am all for embracing the American Way when you choose this country as your place of residence, as your home. I embrace (love PB and J, something that I constanly have to explain, no:defend, to my sister), I blend, I am big on blending: when I need another mother to know that I am correcting my sons behavior towards her child I do it in English. But when he aggravates me and only me it is: “Jetzt is aber Schluss!!!” (yes, 3 exclamation marks, you better believe it).  I live in America, but I always knew that I wanted my son to speak, read and write German. I want to read him “Der Kleine Wassermann”, I want him to understand “Die Sendung mit der Maus” und “Die Augsburger Puppenkiste” (well, the ones that have been updated and are pc). But most importantly I want him to be able to communicate effortlessly with my parents. He […]