So, I speak German to my son. Everyday! All day! We did not get into public pre-k and in hind sight it was a blessing. He is home with me and immersed in all things German.  He speaks very well, but what really amazes me is how elegant and fluent his English is. By all accounts it should really be his second language, but living in the United States we are, of course, immersed in English. He hears it as soon as we step out of the house, in every class he takes, on the playground. Effortlessly he switches back and forth between German and English but I realize that the day he is going to Kindergarten things might shift a little. He will speak English for most of his day. Will he still want to speak German with me?”Mama, sprichst Du eigentlich auch Englisch?”, he sometimes asks me? I deny, but naturally the jigg is up once we leave the house .

Sure, we have some German speaking friends and the kids do play in German when we get together, but you all know how hard it is to arrange playdates……ugh! Here is my sugarplum vision: bringing my son to Pusteblume afterschool activities where he can play, learn and be inspired with his German speaking peers.  A place were he can be immersed in the language by someone other than me and with other children….secretly I am hoping that it will make me cool again- instantly and eternally!!!