Apparently I use goofy old sayings a lot. I know this because my son is contemplating the logistics and technicalities of what comes out of my mouth. The other day, I told him: “Du hast wohl die Pfanne heiss!!” In my defense it must have been after he tried to weasel yet another something sweet from the cabinet. He looked at me in that very inquisitive way and asked:” Mama, wo ist denn die Pfanne eigentlich bei den Leuten?” It was hysterical! After I tried to explain – let’s face it, it really is a doozy – my almost 5 year old declares very matter of factly: “Das macht aber ueberhaupt keinen Sinn!” And right you are, you brilliant little creature, it is very non-sensical (now that I am writing this, I keep thinking of the anti-drug commercial… pan, eggs, brain on drugs like egg in pan)…..ANYWAY, I was thrilled, that my son “is up” on these wacky, funny sayings. I know, I know funny is not exactly the first adjective that comes to mind when thinking of the German language. But yes, we can do funny. The French  have romantic, the Italians have sexy….please let us have funny. Just for today. This was funny, and it is so cool to see how he is acquiring these things and trying to to work them out for himself. I can’t wait to see if he is going to translate it for my husband and how that will work his little puzzler. Lost in translation??! Uh, maybe this will make my husband want to learn my native tongue…, to share in that wacky sense of German humor that apparently I am now introducing to our son. Yes, that’s how I will get him into it. German humor. You know how dry those Cubans can be.