We at Pusteblume believe in family engagement. Family engagement is a partnership between parents, other caregivers, and Pusteblume that reflects a shared responsibility to foster our children’s development and learning. By engaging actively we all support our children’s success by building lasting connections among family, community and the education system.

We welcome and strongly encourage parents’ involvement in all aspects of our school life. This participation could be, for example, reading a story during circle-time, leading a craft or science project, helping with volunteer work for our multiple events, or to provide snacks for the entire class. You can always ask our teachers to see how you can play a part to make Pusteblume a home away from home.

Children’s Birthday Parties
We at Pusteblume are glad to join in celebrating your child’s birthday, but it is important to keep the celebration appropriate for the child’s age and for the school setting.  Please bring an age-appropriate snack for each child in the class.  The snack could be cupcakes, fruit salad, cookies, hummus and crackers, etc. You may also bring a bottle of juice (without added sugar please).  Pusteblume will provide dishes and glasses.  We are proud to offer a sustainable environment by using reusable dishes. All children can be involved in the clean-up activities and thus learn taking on shared responsibilities and environmental awareness.

Please do not bring goody bags, candy, party hats or any other gifts.  This is a time for the birthday child to share at snack time and receive our good wishes.  If you are looking for something extra to note your child’s special day you could donate a favorite book to the class library.  Your child could sign the inside cover in honor of his/her special day.

Parent’s Breakfast
Twice a year Pusteblume invites parents to join us for a potluck breakfast in the class room.  The teachers get to welcome some parents that do not generally come to the school due to work schedules.  More significantly is that the children can share their space with the most important people in their lives—you!  While you enjoy a cup of coffee your child can proudly show you his class room. This is also a wonderful opportunity to experience our morning routine with the children.

Parent’s Night
Our parent’s night is a forum with the families of your child’s class, school director and your child’s teacher.  We will explain the program, our curriculum plans and goals for your children.  Furthermore we will inform parents about general guidelines and routines to help everyone understand their child’s new environment.  Bring all your questions—together we will build a strong school community to support all the children and set them on a happy path to life-long learning.

Mom’s/Dad’s Night Out
Mom’s/Dad’s Night Out is an easy-going event at our school to foster community between the parents and teachers, and also to give moms and dads a break from their daily parenting routine.  Refreshments will be served and an array of activities make this night out fun. We offer this event twice a year. Mark your calendar!

Pusteblume serves an international community interested in all German language customs and traditions.  During the year we will celebrate many festivals which are part of our international cultural makeup and of the country in which we life. Festivals include, but not limited to, St. Martin’s Laternenfest, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, International Mother Language Day,Karneval, Easter, Independence Day and so on.

Pusteblume holds family conferences twice a year (in November and March).Parents will have the chance to talk to the teachers of their child in a relaxed atmosphere.  Observations, goals and educational plans for your child will be discussed.

Director’s Monthly Newsletter
Pusteblume’s Director publishes a monthly newsletter. You will be informed about upcoming events, general useful information, reminders concerning our school’s policies, introduction and updates on our wonderful programs, an “Article of the Month” and more.

Teacher’s Weekly Elternbrief 
At the beginning of each week you will receive an email letter from your child’s teacher. The Elternbrief informs you about various things such as our weekly curriculum; which books we will read with the children, which art projects we are planning, special science projects, etc. Additional classes, field trips, special school events and other educational programs will also be published in the Elternbrief.

Lines of Communication
We at Pusteblume strive to have open communication lines and want to hear from you—no matter if your feed-back is positive or negative. However, if you feel that a problem arises please talk with your child’s teachers first. They are the one who know your child best.  If a resolution cannot be accomplished the director will meet with the parents and teachers to help find a solution.

Yearly Calendar and Holidays

Pusteblume is open year round with the exception for major holidays. Those are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s

Additional classes, field trips, special school events and other educational programs may be offered.  Updates to the calendar are published in the weekly parent email newsletter.